Running a half marathon on Feb. 3 in memory of my father and raising money for OMF's mission to SEE A CURE for uveal melanoma.

Dear Daddy,

I'm running this half-marathon for you. I'm running it for you because the endurance, dedication, and, yes, the pain remind me of your strength and integrity in the face of something horrifying and unknown. Your diagnosis came as a complete shock to all of us, we didn't know the magnitude of what was to come. "Choroidal Melanoma" is what we read in the pathology report but all we could say to ourselves, and to each other, was, "Eye cancer? Is that serious?" We didn't know, Daddy, you didn't either. I wish we knew more, I wish there had been more options for you, I wish there was a cure. So, this is for you. I'm going to run this race to support an organization that is working to help find that cure.

I know you would be proud of me for doing this. I draw inspiration and motivation from you and your life everyday. I feel that you are with me all the time and I know that you will be there, in some capacity, as I cross the finish line.




Ocular melanoma is a rare cancer forming in the eye that is diagnosed in 2,500 or so adults in the U.S. every year. There is no cure for ocular melanoma if it spreads beyond the eye.

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