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  1. Size_120x120_babyakshina2

    $1,200 raised
    so far

    Baby Boy Verma

    Diapers cannot be purchased with food stamps or through WIC. They cost $75-$100/month. Please help us support families in need by donating.

    Tina Doshi A fundraiser by Tina Doshi for Help A Mother Out


    • 21 donations
  2. Size_120x120_felix_hawaiifeb201401

    $75 raised
    so far

    More Happy Babies Like Felix

    In honor of Felix's first birthday, help other babies have a basic necessity that will keep them healthy.

    Jovan & Deandra Ludovice A fundraiser by Jovan & Deandra Ludovice for Help A Mother Out


    • 1 donation
  3. Size_120x120_story_video

    Nicole Wants Diapers For Her Birthday!

    This year, I am asking for the ultimate gift for a 24th birthday: diapers!

    Nicole Belanger A fundraiser by Nicole Belanger for Help A Mother Out

  4. Gold_size_120x120

    Diaper donation needed for babies in property

    Open your hearts and wallets guys this christmas, and donate to this cause to buy diapers for babies in need.

    Don Na A fundraiser by Don Na for Help A Mother Out