Diapers aren't much fun, but they sure are necessary. Bay Area bloggers are working to help families in need this holiday season.

The Bay Area blogging community thanks you for joining our effort to help get diapers to families in need this holiday season!

Blogger, Amy Heinz of UsingOurWords.com, shares why she's supporting Help A Mother Out:

"I just did the math, and my daughter, 'Pink', has gone through about 2,700 diapers since she was born. (That's assuming 5 diapers a day for 18 months, but we all know some days require a lot more than 5 diapers.)

2,700 diapers. While the thought of changing that many diapers makes *my* head spin, imagine if I couldn't afford them to begin with. Our family is lucky that that's never been a concern for us.

That's one of the many reasons I'm teaming up with Bay Area bloggers to help families in need. We all truly appreciate your support!"

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