com·pas·sion: to suffer with

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been lucky enough to be a part of an organization at UVA called the Nicaraguan Orphan Fund. Going to Nicargua for the past 4 years on an annual Spring Break trip, I have seen and experienced things that I could not have fathomed otherwise. The amount of joy I see in these kids despite the poor conditions they are living in has not only made me rethink my own life, but has sparked a passion in me to do something about it. I know that I can't single-handedly change the their situation or "save" anyone. That's not what my motive of returning to Nicaragua has been. All I would like to do is to continue to learn from them, and in exchange, give back what I can--whether it be money, time, compassion; I just hope to make even a fraction of the difference they've made in my life, in theirs.

As a way to keep the Nicaragua experience in the forefront of our thoughts and actions, a group of us are taking the idea of compassion and running with it....literally. We are planning a barefoot week that leads up to a campus-wide barefoot 5K run. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback, and we are looking forward to raising both awareness and money for the kids that have touched our lives.

I know that a good portion of the people receiving this are poor college students like myself, so asking for money seems a bit silly. But, I ask that you consider giving whatever you can. Those of you who know me well know that I would be so grateful for even 50 cents. My goal is to raise somewhere around $2000 before May 1, and I would appreciate any support you can give me in my attempt to give back to these kids.

Much love,

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    Our mission is rescue abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, and to prevent vulnerable children from becoming abandoned.
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