Your donation of any amount today will help the Bach Society of Minnesota tomorrow!

I have ALWAYS loved the music of JS Bach. When I had learned enough notes on my trumpet I found some Bach violin parts and muddled through; I even attempted a movement of one of the cello suites on my trumpet. Some of the first music I worked on when studying voice was Bach's. I continue to find his music challenging and satisfying!! My recent foray into natural trumpet is fuled largely by my desire to learn more about the music of Bach and his contemporaries

Which is why I love the Cantata Workshops sponsored by the Bach Society of Minnesota. These offer participants a chance to get inside the cantatas with like minded people in a friendly, supportive environment.

The concerts presented by the Bach Society of Minnesota are of the highest quality performed by early muisc specialists in warm intimate settings. The themes of each concert are realized in such a way as to bring something new to the mind and ear.

Tickets to the workshops and concerts cover only a small percentage (about 20%) of the cost. Which is why I'm asking you to make a donation of any amout to the Bach Society of Minnesota. It makes a difference!

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