The mission of the Bach Society of Minnesota is to build a diverse community with a passion for performing, promoting, and appreciating the

The Bach Society of Minnesota encourages musicians, invigorates the audience, and builds cooperation and partnerships with other community organizations. Our values focus on community and collaboration. We strive to build, knowledge, community, and respect among musicians (professional and amateur), audiences, and partner organizations. The Bach Society of Minnesota is the group to go to for meaningful interactions with music and with others interested in Bach’s music. We are a link between professional and amateur musicians and audiences as well as between the arts community and the community at large. Through the music of J. S. Bach, we present performances and provide educational opportunities. We provide opportunities for community members to make music themselves. And we connect the arts world to the rest of the world through our outreach programs in which we partner with other social and community nonprofits; working together to make the life of Minnesotans better.

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