ME is in the Top 10 States for Drug Abuse.Our kids deserve to have access to services to survive and DayOne deserves our support.

We all have stories, I just never imagined that one of mine would be about living with a family member whose young life has been tormented by drugs. Unfortunately, I know from experience that it's so true what they say, that the disease of substance abuse/addiction does not discriminate. Rich/poor, educated or not, strong family/broken homes, no one is immune. The more they use, the more they seek. The more they seek the more their future slips away. The ravages of Substance Abuse affect the user by ruining relationships, limit their future emplyment opportunites, compromising their health, to name a few. Substance Abuse in Maine and especially in York County where I live is rampant.

No one wants to believe their child might be using drugs or admit that they might need help dealing with their child and drug-related issues. I didn't until life became unbearable. You don't need to do it alone and the fear of shame or embarrassment should not prevent you from seeking help. The cost for allowing the habit to continue is grim. DayOne is one such facility that is there to help you and child through this.

Join me in supporting the efforts of DayOne. I'm personally grateful for the strength, hope and respect they have treated my family member with. Please Donate what you can, you have my deepest gratitute.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he starts to grow up." Pablo Picasso

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