BASICS is committed to fighting child labor, child abuse, child trafficking, illiteracy, hunger and helping to improve the Quality of Life and the environment for people; in particular women and children living in unsafe environments and engaging in harmful activities which hinder their growth, health and helping mitigate the traumatic impact of poverty.Our mission is to protect the basic human rights of children to education, shelter, food and safety. Our comprehensive, holistic and systematic poverty intervention programs targets both in-school and out-of-school children.The following programs fall under the umbrella of BASICS International

"Nana's House" an intervention program,to prevent students from returning to their former lifestyles or occupations. Over 150 children attend Nana's House; a before and after school center daily for monitoring, guidance, counseling and mentoring as well as a hot nutritional meal daily. Children are offered help through homework assistance, tutoring, computer training, sewing, music, art, drama, dance, sports, life skill training, health education and local and international cultural awareness."BACK to School" sponsorship program places children regardless of age, in community based (govern-ment and private) schools by providing fees, uniform, books, stationary, bags etc. The Back to School program was initiated in the year 2000, benefitting over 500 children to date. Children are matched to individual sponsors, who received photos, bio data and progress reports on their sponsored child.

Increasing Girl Access Program (IGAP) to address the decline of girl children having access or assessing education; due to many social and financial issues. Many girls are subjected by their families to enter the workforce rather attend school. Other social issues promote teen-age pregnancy, that limits the child's access to an education.The Transition Program supports children ages 4 to 18 years- who have either NEVER attended school, or dropped out of school. The goal is to transition children BACK 2 SCHOOL. Children all of school age are taken through basic education (ABC, 123); along with learning responsibilities, discipline, etiquette and the importance of an education to ensure their success in mainstream school. Plastic Trash "Plastic Bank" program tackles the countless number of ailments found to be related to unsanitary conditions and lack of personal hygiene. We teach the community and children that the plastic waste that fills the seaside and gutters can be recycled and turned into income, reducing the environmental burden of diseases.*Future Plans: Constructing a new facility, which will enable us to enroll over 200 additional children; saving them from a world of abuse.

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