We are a 501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose of empowering marginalized children of poverty through our educational programs.

Ayiti Now Corp is providing access to quality education to marginalized children of poverty and specialized training to their teachers. The primary recipient of our programs are orphans and abandoned kids, especially children living in servitude or “restavek children”.

  • The School Book Bank Program distributes appropriate textbooks to the recipients unable to purchase them.
  • The students will be participating in a literacy circle designed to improve reading in Creole (mother-tongue) and French.
  • The children will be tested to measure reading skills against a common standard.
  • We sponsor continuing education and pedagogy training to the their teachers including completing their education to achieve teacher qualification.
  • All the programs are aiming to improve literacy to grade level and increase graduation rates in primary and secondary education.
  • The long term objective is to merge the technology gap by introducing computer literacy and the internet in the class room.
  • We are developing a strategy to incorporate Information and Communication Technologies in the classroom. We can make education more accessible, more affordable and more relevant using technology and e-learning.
  • Ayiti Now Corp will always serve children of poverty, their needs will remain the focus of our efforts.
  • We aim to empower and preserve skill talent human potential otherwise hemorrhaging at an alarming rate.
  • We are focusing on literacy, numeracy and critical thinking.

- See more at: http://haiti-now.org/our-mission/our-impact/what-are-we-aiming-to-accomplish/#sthash.ehKTOB2f.dpuf

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