Donate to help those in desperate need after Cyclone Thane devastated homes, shops, roads & forests in Auroville, India and nearby villages.

On December 30th the "worst storm in decades" leveled homes, shops, roads and forests in Pondicherry, Auroville and nearby villages. The Indian government has confirmed almost 50 deaths and more than 20,000 people evacuated. The AUP students participating in the Sustainable Development Practicum were on the ground during the storm and have quickly changed gears to aid in immediate and long-term relief efforts. We need your help.

The AUP Students are collecting funds through Auroville International USA to bring much-needed aid to our partner organizations. Based in and around Auroville your donations will serve to:

¨ Offer safe environments to orphans and children from single parent families

¨ Rebuild artisan centers, which provide livelihood and training for villagers

¨ Replenish natural forests after the destruction of nearly 1.5 million trees in an area vulnerable to erosion.

Give now to support AUP's effort and reach those desperately in need of help in rebuilding and moving on.

The AUP Sustainable Development Practicum and our partners would like to say thank you for your support.

With any gift of $50 or more in January you will receive a handcrafted soap from the Bamboo Reserch Center

With any gift of $100 or more in January you will receive 100g of coffee from Auroville's Coffee Ideas

About these organizations:

Bamboo Research Center - Bamboo produces 35 percent more oxygen than trees and is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The Auroville Bamboo Research Center promotes sustainability, empowerment and education through the use of bamboo as a resource for building materials, furniture, instruments, jewelry, fabric and even food. The center employs local villagers and hosts workshops with women’s groups to provide training in bamboo basketry and jewelry design. This soap was handmade in Auroville from all-natural products.

Coffee Ideas -- Marc Tormo of Coffee Ideas buys only from farmers who grow their beans within the rainforests of India, infusing the coffee with the flavors of neighboring fruit and nut trees. This one bag helps to promote sustainable production methods, the ecological well being of forests, and workers and farmers who are paid fairly for their dedication to a unique coffee experience.

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