I am running for Teagan because she can't! I am speaking for her because she can't!

My sister Danielle has a beautiful son, Reese (who is now 4), and then she had Teagan (who is 3), a beautiful little girl. Initially Teagan seemed to be on track, just like all babies. Then there were these little things that she wasn't doing, like trying to speak, trying to crawl, not interacting with people much. Danielle and Matt started becoming concerned, and with that the many doctor's visits. Danielle then became preganant with beautiful Morgan (who will be 1 the day I turn 50!). When Danielle was 8 months preganant with Morgan Teagan was diagnosed with Rett's Syndrome. Thankfully Morgan was a boy, because if he was born a girl there was obviously the concern that this child would also have Rett's. But the good news is that they know what it is and Teagan is now getting some really good care and learning how to let others know what she needs/wants. Watching her cry because she can't simply tell anyone what she needs is difficult. Knowing she may never walk or have a conversation is difficult. But with the money we are trying to raise, maybe a cure will be found! So, please help however you can. No amount is too little, or too much! :)

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