End of the Year Support Goal: $325.00 in new monthly support ($3900 over one year) and $2,100.00 in one time gifts for a total of $6000.

Over the last thirteen years we have facilitated 100's of church based, short-term, multi-generational teams accomplishing a variety of ministries like: prayer walking, construction, music, performing arts, children's ministries, adult and youth outreach, evangelism, discipleship, crusades, etc.

As we enter the 4th quarter we are behind in our monthly support goals and need to discover an additional $500 a month in personal support, as well as $2,500 in one time gifts for travel, ministry related expense and computer upgrades. The Lord has provided $125.00 in additional monthly support and $400.00 in one time gift towards our end of the year goal as of the end of September. If you would like to help us close the gap on these goals, we sure would appreciate it.

My desire is to come alongside a church or individual to enable them to experience missions. I want to broaden people’s perspective on what God is doing around the world and how they can have an active part in reaching others for Jesus Christ. In using the short-term missions trip as a discipling tool, the local church can raise up people with a passion for seeing others come to Christ, pray effectively for missions, financially support missions and possibly go ˜to the ends of the earth" as well.

My greatest joy is seeing someone realize they can be used by God to reach and assist others. The short-term mission trip is one way the church can accomplish their goal of raising up laborers for the harvest!

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.


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