Thrive provides same-day emergency financial assistance to Arlington residents who are in crisis and cannot pay their bills for basic needs

Since 1975, Arlington Thrive has been a front-line defense against homelessness , offering same-day emergency assistance to Arlington residents for rent, pharmacy and medical bills, food, utilities, and transportation needs (checks are made out directly to the creditor, e.g. landlord, medical provider, utility).

Arlington has a vulnerable population that is adversely and disproportionately affected by the economic downturn. The cost of living in this are is 40% higher then the national median amount. Those on fixed incomes and workers with low wages or reduced work hours find their incomes cannot provide for their daily needs. Those with limited education and limited job skills are more likely to be subject to lay-off or work cutbacks.

Arlington Thrive's Homelessness Prevention program aims to stop homelessness before it starts. With four part-time staff and 30 volunteers, it annually serves approximately 3,500 clients in Arlington County. Year ending June 2013, we provided close to $820,00 in direct emergency financial assistance to Arlington residents. Of those helped, there were 614 households that would have been evicted and become homeless without Thrive's help. Your donation keeps countless families warm, safe, and at home.

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