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Dancer, Bridgett Tegen Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


Dancer, Betsy Shaefer Roob Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


Dancer, TImmy Wagner Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


Dancer, Blake Nellis Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


Dancer, Sarah Baumert Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


Dancer, Dustin Haug Photo Courtesy of Armour Photography


Founder/Artistic Director, Mathew Janczewski Photo courtesy of Armour Photography

Founded in 1995 ARENA DANCES' creates and performs original modern dance choreography promoting community gathering, dialogue and impact.

ARENA DANCES is a modern dance company performing the work of Mathew Janczewski. The work is abstract in form, giving shape to emotions, exploring the depths and the limits of what drives us as humans to connect, to break away, to survive. Just as our emotions can veer wildly, ARENA incorporates a highly kinetic style of movement, a sweeping physicality that takes in a broad range of feelings and the posturings we may make to protect ourselves in the world. The work springs first from Mathew’s own experiences; then, through the movement and structure, ARENA seeks to find a form to give those experiences both truth and commonality.

ARENA works with a full-time company of six of the area’s brightest young talents Please help us research and create THE Main Street Project, The money raised through the "Give to the Max" day will be put toward our outreach and producing the work in its enirety. Please help us achieve the goal to raise $20,000.

The Main Street Project to premiere at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University Fine Arts Programming in the Gorecki Family Theater Friday, May 16,2014. As part of this production ARENA DANCES is traveling to cities in Minnesota and nationally asking the question: "Does Main Street still exist?"

The Main Street Project is an evening-length performance created out of inter-generational residency activities (65+ and 14-20 yrs.) that moves between physical and digital space to explore how technology alters our personal connections and changes the face of small town America. Within the piece, electro/techno/pop music combines with folk-inspired songs to illuminate themes of isolation and belonging, and filmed interviews with everyday people from multiple communities bridge the gap between today and yesterday.

Mathew Janczewski's ARTIST STATEMENT

My responsibility as an artist is to ask questions and incite awakening, both in myself and my collaborators, through

the making of work, and in my audience, through their experience of performance. Innovation and experimentation have been central concerns in my work.

I seek to balance this need for personal discovery and growth with a responsibility I have to my audience. A central challenge in contemporary dance is the degree to which it has become rarefied and dislocated from the culture in which it exists. In fighting against this, I am deeply concerned with making my work relevant to the public that I am addressing.

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Founded in 1995 ARENA DANCES' creates and performs original modern dance choreography promoting community gathering, dialogue and impact.

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