Help me raise funds for this beautiful cause and spread the awareness on human trafficking on Maiti Nepal.

In late 2010 I made a promise to be part of this organization "Maiti Nepal" watching a TV (CNN HEROES) and attracted by the desire of Anuradha Koirala, this lady comes to help these unfairly innocent girls that are sexually abused and trafficked; decided to devote much of my time and activities to support the cause, I'm actually a proud promoter through my marathon career exposing the organization shirt , I invite you to help me raise awareness and support to these girls and release of these cruel and unjust abuse by sexual abusers and traffickers.

This November 3er I will be proudly wearing a green shirt with a heart over a long course of 26.2 miles in the magic city of New York, I invite you to join me and help me raise funds and awereness to this nobel cause, to give these girls something that must of us have and do not realize, I am taking about freedom, freedom from slavery, from sex traffic and mental pressure. Providing them with a donation can transform their lives in a safer more stable future.

My goal it’s to raise funds to keep this non-profit organization moving forward and with that spread the voice to stop sex trafficking on Maiti Nepal and the world. With your help and donation you can also be part of the movement and help this innocent girls have a normal life like you and me.

In advance thank you for all your help and that God give you more of what you give


Alfredo Arantegui

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