We are excited to announce the opening of our Adoption and Resource Center at 2807 Manchaca Road!

Austin Pets Alive! saved over 4,000 lives from certain death at the City shelter since 2008. The APA Center will immediately save at least 1,000 additional lives in the first year (on top of the 3,000 lives we plan on saving anyway without our building). Our new resource center will also both increase our stability and decrease costs associated with operating a decentralized organization.

The Center will host adoptions and medical/behavioral care for animals most in danger at TLAC:

  1. Adoption Center: We will place an additional 650 dogs and cats per year and we hope to grow that number quickly. This center will be the largest of our adoption sites, of which we already have 6 daily dog sites and 4 daily cat sites that saved 2,500 dogs and cats in the last year.
  2. Behavioral Center: We will be able to rescue pets that we couldn’t take in the past because they wouldn’t do well at our adoption sites in public places (like high energy dogs and shy cats).
  3. Medical Center: We will care for at least 350 animals that are in immediate danger of being surrendered to TLAC due to medical problems thereby saving their lives. It will also increase our resources to treat the animals we rescue.
  4. Community Involvement: With over 5 acres of space, we plan to make this center a community gathering spot as well as resource. We’ll be using one of the yards for a community dog park and family picnic area.

As we get closer and closer to becoming a No Kill Austin, we need to figure out how to save the animals that are less than perfect. This center is an important piece to the puzzle.

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