Having weathered the Saddam Hussein regime, the Iraq War, and the extended struggle of post-war state building, the residents of Iraqi Kurdistan are a diverse population that have endured much suffering. This spring, we will partner with a local church in Erbil in order to listen, learn, and encourage our Iraqi brothers and sisters. This will be a time to listen to stories and learn from the lives of the people we meet. With the dual themes of bridging the divide between America and the Middle East and helping heal post-conflict societies, we will also join our hosts in serving local populations affected by conflict, from Iraqis displaced by the fighting in Baghdad to refugees who have recently fled the civil unrest in both Syria and Iran.

I am honored to have to the opporutnity to partner with National Community Church on this trip to listen to the stories of the people of Iraqi Kurdistan and to learn from them. I have long been fascinated and heartbroken by the tumultuos history of the Middle East and the stuggle of refugee populations throughtout the region. I am so excited to have the chance to humbly serve in Kurdistan and learn from these people who have lived through so much.

Please consider helping me get there. Your prayers are invaluable. Iraqi Kurdistan is by far the safest block in the neighborhood, but it is still Northern Iraqi. Please also pray for openness and sensitvity to what God is already doing there, that we would be good listeners clothed in humility.

If you feel led to support this trip finacially you can do so through a donation via credit card on this site. The trip will cost $2850, but no amount is too small. Thank you in advance for your generous support of this adventure through both prayer and finance. I cannot wait to see what God will do and how he transform lives through this expereince.

Thank you so much for being a part of the bigger picture.

I could not do this without you.

Peace and blessing to you, I cannot wait to share new stories with you when I return in March!

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