We're fundraising for our humanitarian trip to northern Iraq. I need to raise $2850 before the end of February - thank you for your support!

I'm part of a small exploratory team that my church is sending to research ways we can partner with groups in Iraqi Kurdistan on a longer term basis. We'll be learning about the refugee population there from Syria and southern Iraq, Western/Middle East relations, and post-conflict restoration. I'm so excited for this opportunity and want to thank you for supporting me financially and partnering with this cause! Most of our funds need to be raised by the end of February. Thank you so much for you help and support!

More details below:

The residents of Iraqi Kurdistan are a diverse population that have endured much suffering. Our team will work with locals in bridging the divide between America and the Middle East and helping heal post-conflict societies. We'll join our hosts in serving local populations affected by conflict, from Iraqis displaced by the fighting in Baghdad to refugees who have recently fled the civil unrest in Syria.

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