To spread awareness about the painful condition known as RSD , RND, AMPS,or CRPS.

My story began in 2nd grade. My mom just finished treatment for cancer and my cousin had suddenly died. It was a really stressful time. On a sunny day I was walking home from the bus and I fell in the grass and hurt my ankle. We thought it would be alright, but my mom eventually took me to the doctor because it still hurt. The first doctor put me in an aircast but my ankle still hurt after a few weeks. Then he put me in a cast. Still no improvement. Back to the aircast. He said he did all he could and he didn't know why I was still in pain. "Feel free to see a specialist if you want". My mom was frustrated. A friend told her to call CHOP. By chance, Dr Matthew Grady had an appointment available the very next day. He put me in a cast but the pain only got worse. By this time, I couldn't stand the feel of anything touching my ankle, leg or foot...not clothes or bedsheets or water or wind. He recognized the problem as RSD. He sent me to physical therapy. That was terrible and I didn't improve. Then he referred me to Dr. Sherry.Many people are misdiagnosed and wait years to be treated, I was lucky After meeting with him, they put me on the waiting list for the program at CHOP. After a horrible painful summer, I started the program. It was really extremely difficult doing 8 hours of OT and PT and swimming. The therapists worked us so hard all day long. I was only 8 years old!. But after 5 weeks of hard work, I was ready to go home and get back to school, dance, friends,and not to mention my own bed. I met many friends along the way and I'm now pain free for 3 years now. RSD is horrible. Know the symptoms. My life has changed now. Good and bad. RSD is part of me. This fundraiser isn't for me, but for the others not as lucky. I'm running for those who can't.

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