George Mark Children's Home is a remarkable place where families and children can share peaceful, normal moments together at end of life.

Ours is a team of nursing students committed to raising funds for this incredible organization. This house is beautiful, sunny, and cheerful. They provide care for children with long term illnesses as well as end-of-life care. They are unique in that they provide respite care for the parents as well as providing a home like experience for the entire family at end of life. The rooms are beautifully decorated. They are filled with sunshine and window seats for the parent's to cuddle or read to their children.

This home was one of a kind in the United States until just recently when Arizona put up a home of this kind. These homes are commonly found in the UK where end of life is strongly supported for the children and their families.

It's amazing that George Mark accomplishes an unparrelled level of care and support for half of the cost of a hospital stay. This organization deserves to be heralded for it's efforts on behalf of children and their loved ones.

You can help a parent to share special moments with their child at this serene location that will comfort them through the years.

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