Reaching Berlin for Christ through Art.

In October I'm leading a team of artists from National Community Church over to Berlin, Germany to work with John Hasler and the Berlin Aktion project. The Berlin Aktion project is a joint venture between NCC and Reach Global where they will reach the lost of Berlin through marketplace ministry similar to NCC's Ebenezer's CoffeeHouse.

We will be the first team on the ground to help. We'll spend a few days diving into social justice issues in Berlin, followed by a few days of creating artwork in response to what we've seen. The trip will culminate in a two day art gallery that will be a microcosm of what the Berlin Aktion project is supposed to be. It will allow John and his team to test some of the assumptions they are making about the culture in Berlin, and see how discussions of faith based around art and social justice issues take shape.

Please join us in prayer, and if so led, financially to help us share the Good News of Jesus Christ to a place that is a secular hub of atheism and agnosticism, but a place of great hope and potential.

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