Running the Boston Marathon to Help Children with Disabilities!

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The Boston Marathon is right around the corner. This year I’ve decided to run the Boston Marathon for a local Boston charity called Camp Shriver. With any luck, at least a few of you have heard of Camp Shriver, or possibly even volunteered, but for those of you who haven’t let me tell you about the uniqueness that is Camp Shriver.

Camp Shriver is a free, inclusive sports camp that serves an equal number of children with and without disabilities from low-income families so that all children can be involved, interact and learn in meaningful ways with their peers.

The mission of Camp Shriver is to use sports as a vehicle to bring children with and without disabilities together so that they have the opportunity to develop their motor and social skills, create positive peer relationships and make new friends.

Sadly, a study of Boston-area children found that children with disabilities were three times more likely to be rejected by their classmates than their peers without disabilities. Camp Shriver strives to reverse this social rejection by creating an environment where children without disabilities are accepting of children with disabilities and children with disabilities have the necessary social skills to create friendships.

The Boston Marathon Team is Camp Shriver’s largest fundraising program and each participant in the program has pledged to raise at least $4,000. With this, I need your help! Any donations would be greatly appreciated and there is no such thing as too small a donation! Below, I have provided my online donation profile for any and all donations you wish to contribute! I hope you will choose to support me in my efforts to make a difference for Camp Shriver.

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P.S. 3 Reasons to DONATE!

1. Much like the line from Wedding Crashes, “people helping people” is something we all have control over. Even a small donation and minimal effort on your part can go a long ways for Camp Shriver!

2. Your company may be able to “split the bill” with you! Those of you who are in the work force, ask your company if they offer a charity match program! $10, $15, $20, $50, (dare I say) $100 donations could quickly become doubled!

3. All donations are tax deductible!

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