Ananda Dharma Center is raising money to publish a set of Long Life Puja books for our spiritual founder, His Eminence Choden Rinpoche.

Ananda Dharma Center is currently raising money to publish a set of Long Life Puja books for our spiritual founder, His Eminence Choden Rinpoche. The publishing cost for a complete set of books for our Center is $4,500.

May your body remain like a vajra
May your speech remain like the melody of Brahma
May your mind remain like the sun and moon
May your life remain like the lord of mountains
May your qualities remain like an ocean
May your enlightened activities remain like a river stream.

Offering a Long Life Puja to the Guru is a wonderful opportunity for the students to express their wishes for the Guru to live long and continue to teach. As such it acts as a supreme method for prolonging the life of those who offer it, and purifies any negativity created in relation to the Guru and his teachings.

Traditionally a Long Life Puja is combined with Guru Puja, but also includes new elements and verses. The students invite the dakinis of the all the Buddha lineages, from every direction, requesting them to prolong the life of the Guru, and then proceed to praise the qualities of the Guru and offer him auspicious and abundant offerings that are highly symbolic.

The Long Life Puja book that we will publish is beautifully illustrated and designed into a book that is 176 pages long. The printing of this book is a serious financial undertaking and your financial contribution would be greatly appreciated. We hope to have the books ready for Choden Rinpocheʼs Long Life Puja in 2014.

Ananda Dharma Center teaches authentic Buddhist philosophy in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Lama Tsong Khapa. Inspired by our spiritual guide, His Eminence Choden Rinpoche, ADC offers classes of instruction in addition to opportunities to practice through yogic rituals such as healing, dedication, and purification.

Located in the Silicon Valley City of San Jose, Ananda Dharma Center is an affiliate of Awakening Vajra, and warmly welcomes students of all levels, ranging from those who are completely new to Buddhism up to seasoned tantric practitioners. The values at the heart of Ananda Dharma Center are the Wisdom, Compassion and Enlightened Mind (Bodhicitta) of the Buddha. We aspire to convey these qualities through the teachings we present and also through creating a warm-hearted and supportive environment at our Center. Our wish is to facilitate the awakening of Enlightened qualities in all those who come into contact with our Center.

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