Your donation will help support childhood cancer research. It will give so many families with children with cancer much needed hope.

Every day two classrooms of students, about 46 children, are diagnosed with cancer and most will spend the next three years in treatment. Pediatric cancer is different than adult cancer and is the number one disease killer of kids’ ages 0-20. Rally Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is dedicated to raising funds to support childhood cancer research which is under-funded up to $30 million a year. In fact, $0.93 of every dollar earned goes toward the charity.

My story:

I came upon this group of amazing individuals by accident and immediately wanted to know their cause. I immediately felt compelled to help; going into it blind, not knowing how it would impact me, and how I could have the power to impact so many children's lives.

Never, have I participated in anything so moving. I started training for my first half marathon in January 2012. I feel completely empowered running beside the parents, aunts, uncles, and friends of these children.

I can run, while these kids are living inside hospital walls. I can run, to help give them hope and strength to enjoy life outside of those walls.

Please join me with your donation and be a Champion for Childhood Cancer Research!

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