Remember the joy of receiving a bicycle for Christmas - or the joy on the face when your child received their new bike? Let's give a smile!

This is the season for giving. As we recount our many blessings, please consider sharing your bounty so a child or veteran with a disability can own an AmTryke.

So far. 19 children are experiencing mobility and independence by riding their adapted AmTryke tricycles!! All of these children are so very thankful for your donation and the opportunity to do something as simple as riding a bike.

Your donation of $10 or more brings a child a step closer to having an AmTryke! An AmTryke for a child typically costs $350 - $750.

There are many veterans whose service has assured our freedom. Let's thank them by helping them own an AmTryke, also! Their bikes typically cost $650 - $850.

Please donate now! Then, share this site with friends and family or ask a club, church group, school or business to donate.

Let's use the POWER of internet giving to get children and veterans with disabilities outdoors, having fun and staying healthy!

TAASC is a chapter of AMBUCS, a national charitable organization that produces and distributes a line of 20 variously adapted AmTrykes - tricycles that get children and adults with a wide variety of disabilities out biking with family and friends. TAASC is a subsidiary of Disabled Sports USA.

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