Please consider supporting AIC's 2014 Alternative Spring Break trip.

The mission of Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is to engage American International College students in volunteerism while learning about social issues, experiencing diverse perspectives, and developing community.

Students who participate in ASB will be able to:

  • identify a community need and formulate a plan to address the need
  • demonstrate effective teamwork and communication skills
  • appreciate the viewpoints of people from diverse backgrounds

Last year's participants had life changing experiences. From Maggie Pratt '14: This year was the best spring break ever. I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to help, after being injured playing women's club rugby; but that wasn't the case. I really enjoyed working with the power tools and getting to help all the people on the site with their individual projects. Each day we made strides either individually, getting our projects done, or as a team, helping one another develop skills. The site manager and family's coordinator for Habitat for Humanity were some of the best people we met in Mississippi and Mike helped to teach us skills that I know I won't forget. I also really enjoyed hanging out with our team of students. The people in our group made my experience. Someone was always upbeat, whether it was on the long rides stuck behind a train, down in New Orleans or on the job sight I was laughing. I loved seeing Hattiesburg and New Orleans, but some of the best times were hanging out in the community center after a long day of work. I love the highs and lows of everyone's days. It really made me think about and remember the great things about the trip. I'm so glad I got to be a part of ASB and I hope the students that participate in this program in following years are able to take as much away from it as I did.

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