No child should have to worry about be discriminated against for their skin color - that's why we're raising money for Hines' challenge

There's nothing extraordinary about us. We love each other. And, we try to love others. One thing neither of us can stand is seeing the defenseless preyed upon. That's exactly what is happening all over the world when children are discriminated against for the color of their skin.

The Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation is trying to change that. To be honest, we're Packers fans. We don't like the Steelers. And, we're not even sure we like Hines :) But, we love what Hines is doing with his foundation. So, we're asking for your support.

Will you give $10 to help the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation continue its great work? Every dollar you give will be matched by Hines (up to $20,000).

Thanks in advance for voting for Amber's amazing dance and for giving to the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation.

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