Alliance Medical Ministry is a faith-led medical ministry serving the working uninsured in need of affordable health care.

One of the first patients at the clinic was a single, working mother with three children. At her first visit, Dr. Susan Weaver discovered that her blood pressure was high and gave her a prescription for medicine to get it under control. Subsequent monitoring visits proved troubling as some months her pressure was within normal limits and other times the medicine appeared to not be working. After changing her medicine several times with no consistent levels, an exasperated Dr. Weaver asked the patient, “Are you taking your medicine regularly?”

Her reply was “Yes, when I can afford to, but I couldn’t afford it this month because I had to by sneakers for my son so he could participate in sports in middle school. He can’t play without sneakers and I couldn’t afford both.” Dr. Weaver then stressed how important the medicine was and that she HAD to take it. The patient understood but replied, “Dr. Weaver, you’re a mother, what would you do?” That’s a choice no parent should have to make. Dr. Weaver understood too and enrolled her in the Patient Assistance Program through a pharmaceutical company so she would be able to get her necessary medicine free of charge.

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