A BlogPaws Be the Change blog hop to raise donations for Austin Pets Alive! who is helping many pets displaced by the Texas wildfires.

If you were in our Be the Change for Pets session at BlogPaws last month, we talked about our next challenge possibly being to support any animals affected by hurricane Irene. At the time it seemed like the Northeast would need our help, but now it seems our furriends in Texas need us more.

Texas has been hit by massive wildfires, spreading throughout 17 counties (at the time of this post), and many pets have ended up in the path of the storm. An animal shelter in Bastrop had to be COMPLETELY evacuated and the pets brought to a safe place away from the fire's way.

Austin Pets Alive in nearby (but safe!) Austin, TX stepped up to the plate big time on Monday, and offered space and somehow found fosters for every single one of the dogs in the evacuation area. We all know funding and caring for one shelter's worth of pets is a lot of work... and now they're handling two shelter's worth!

These animals are receiving food, water, shelter, vet care and anything else they may need. There's also a major push to get them adopted and into homes. A safe home is the best place for them right now, right?

Meantime, they need our help. That's why we've decided to make our next Be the Change for Pets challenge "All for Austin: A blog hop to help Austin's shelter pet wildfire victims."

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