Alive & Kickin is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. A&K is an inspirational Ensemble of Rockin Seniors with a Musical Message .

Our Mission :

We recognise and reinforce that the individual talents and experiences of each person ,young and old are valuable . We believe thet Seniors can play a meaningful and vital role in their communities , and by doing so will lead a more vibrant life.

"When I started A&K three years ago I knew it would be something special, what i did not plan for was the inpact it would have on our members and audiences alike"

Michael Matthew Ferrell, Founder / Director

Cal Sathre, Age 94 " I've been singing all my life in barbershop quartets and doing solos for funerals and weddings.Now I have a chance to prove that we can still be active and not "stoddy " in our nineties . Alive & Kickin came along and revived my still young attitude. The new friendships and "new music" have brought a refreshing exuberance to my life ."

Joan Thatcher, Age 76 " As we begin our performances you will be swept away by the energy of our members , and why not ? We represent the last two generations . We are the Grandparents of our youth ,the builders or our nation ! We have made it through good times and bad...and we are not done yet. We raise our voices in song to remind everyone we're still here."

Graydon Royce , Star Tribune " Alive & Kickin's show is less about the virtuosic music and more about a feeling of transparent spirit and raw honesty. With A&K , an audience celebrates the determination to perform and to inspire . There is something universal in the performing arts that we often don't name,but I believe that something is a human need to make joyful noise and be recognized."

Your Generous donation will ensure that we are able to keep sharing our zest for life and powerful musical message of hope for seniors, as well as inspiring people of all ages and breaking down the sterotype's and attidude's of seniors.

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