Your financial help makes it possible for me to befriend, serve and love the homeless and hurting of Louisville with the gospel of Christ.

It is very difficult for me to write what I want to express. This is a plea for financial support, but I want it to be more than just that. I want you to know my heart for the people we serve here at Jeff St. that I've grown to know, but, even more than that, I want you to know the heart of the man I serve, Jesus Christ.

Jesus existed before all things. He is the means by which the entire univese was created. The breath you are taking right now is being sustained by him. He is God, and for my sake he left behind his glory and became a human being. More than that, Jesus became poor. His mother was poor. He was born amongst livestock. His adopitve parents used the "Welfare" offering at the temple. And in the three most influential years of human history, his ministry, Jesus was utterly homeless. From this lowly position, Jesus, the God-Man, accomplished my own salvation from the path of his own wrath, by his taking on of my sin and enduring that wrath on my behalf, earning my peace by his suffering.

I owe him everything. I want to join his mission. That is why I am here in Louisville. There are many Christian homeless organizations, but Jeff Street is the only one I have seen that cherishes and clings to the only hope in the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want to see lasting change in people's lives, not behavior modification. The difference between a love for what's good and a rejection of destructive behavior (sin) and a begrudging acceptance for what's good and a secret longing for what we shouldn't is all the difference in the world. The latter is all the world can offer, and, tragically, what many Christian organizations offer, while the former is something that can only be caused by the joy of the Gospel.

The Gospel is everything.

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