ATC Vision: Every child in Alexandria can read and succeed!

Read2Succed -- the Alexandria Tutoring Consortium’s program as part of Alexandria’s

Spring2ACTion on April 9, 2014

You can make the difference between a child becoming a dropout or a graduate!

Donate now to support the Alexandria Tutoring Consortium in reaching our campaign goal of $12,000 and 200 donors to help Alexandria’s children to read by the end of 3rd grade.

Donate now and it will be added on April 9th.

It’s easy, just donate on this page or donate through the Board of Directors and Volunteers special fundraising team by going to:

A story about one ATC volunteer’s tutoring experience:

“I was assigned to tutor a kindergarten student at Maury last year. At the first meeting I was astonished to find that he might know a sing-song “ABCs” but he did not have one bit of letter recognition. I had difficulty grasping that he did not know the alphabet. Well, we dug in. Through twice and sometimes three meetings each week through the end of the school year, he not only got his letters, he recognized words, began to sound things out, and by the end of the year he was reading at the same (and maybe slightly ahead) level as his classmates. That experience was extremely critical for him and gratifying for me.”

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