I want to build a virtual team. Every team member should find another team member to raise funds too.The goal is to raise $30,000 in 30 days

Last weekend I participated with a few members of my temple in a disaster relief effort for Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn. The clean-up effort was organized and coordinate by a small non-profit called Nechama. They are based in Minnesota. Their operations manager, Dan show up with a Trailer full of tools, resources and expertise to make a group of rag-tag willing volunteers a useful and efficient work team to meet significant disaster clean-up challenges. They go anywhere in the country there is a disaster and work with any organization or group in need regardless or religious affiliation.

Other than the truck and tools, they have so few resources and funds they are forced to sleep in sleeping bags at the community center gym. The money we raise will go directly to helping this organization assist people in dire need and help the people who want to volunteer get the job done. That is the power of an organization like this.

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