Aidan is helping the Children's Developmental Health Institute. It is hosting its first ever "kids helping kids" Lego fundraising event.

Children's Developmental Health Institute is a non-profit that provides speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral pediatrics, feeding therapy, language and literacy services, and psychology services to children with developmental disabilities like autism, ADHD, and a host of genetic disorders.

When Aidan was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in 2006 the first place we went for therapies was Children's. Throughout the years Aidan has done speech and occupational therapies as well as social skill groups and behavioral pediatrician appointments. The support we got and still get at Children's has changed our lives. The people we have worked with and met have become friends we value and trust. Aidan is thriving and we can't thank Children's enough. Aidan is excited to give back to them and help other kids the way they helped Aidan.

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