Melody is a mom, wife, Bennett Belle, Aggie, Delta, Cancer Survivor and friend fighting congestive heart disease and breast cancer for the 2nd time. Melody has to stop working and takes chemo every week. Read her inspirational story from her January 1, 2013 facebook status:

As we all said goodbye to 2012, and hello to 2013, I reflect heavily on my life, by putting things into perspective. Last year was about decisions, this year is about Change! I remember last December, talking to a friend on the phone, wishing and hoping my medical diagnosis would be different. He told me don't worry Mel, you are jumping to conclusions about the huge ball on the side of my neck. But I was right, I had reason to be worried. Hearing you have advanced & aggressive Stage 3C/Stage 4 breast cancer is not what anyone wanted to hear going into the New Year, but God had still been soo good to me! When my close friend, Alethea Outing Ramey called me and told me she had breast cancer, I could not tell her I had been diagnosed again less than 5 years of each diagnosis. I just wanted to walk her through this long journey, like a little sister. Another blow was hearing I also have congestive heart failure, and with that I have had to take time off from working based on my doctor's orders for a while. My wellness is most important right now! Taking chemo weekly for 1 year is hard, however if it is saving my life, I got to continue, and I will indefinitely. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the past year in every possible way! The love, support, and encouragement is beyond words!From my family,friends, high school & college classmates, co-workers, those across the miles, friends of friends, mothers, fathers,I do not know how to say thank you! I love you all very, very much, and let's all continue to keep each other in prayer! This year is going to be better all the way around!

100% of your donation will go towards making this a BETTER year for Melody.

**PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this event is to provide Melody with our financial, spiritual, and emotional support because she cannot work. Melody does NOT need a heart transplant. We apologize if anyone misunderstood the purpose of this event.***

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