African Grey Parrots are disappearing in the wild. Thousands are caught each year for the wild bird trade. We need your help!

Formerly widespread over much of Africa, both Grey and Timneh parrots are now disappearing in most of their range. Wild populations are in trouble from poaching, capture for the pet trade, and habitat destruction.

The World Parrot Trust is working to:

  • End the wild caught trade in Grey and Timneh parrots
  • Rehabilitate and release confiscated birds
  • Encourage sustainable alternatives to parrot trapping
  • Re-establish wild populations in suitable areas of their former range
  • Raise awareness for the plight of wild Grey and Timneh Parrots

Why we need your help?

With your support we can make a difference. Already more than 3000 Greys confiscated from poachers have been returned to the wild. Thousands more can be saved as we petition international governing bodies to eliminate the trade entirely.

Please help us to continue this important work - donate today!

Visit the WPT website to learn more about our efforts to protect this species.


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