AZ Academy's Stay Fit 4 Life Wellness Event February 15th, 2013, Christiansted Fort, 8am Everyone is invited – participation is free!

Stay Fit 4 Life
A Wellness event

Join AZ Academy
February 15th, 2013
Christiansted Fort, 8am

Everyone is invited – participation is free

The community is encouraged to join AZ Academy parents, students and staff in a fun-filled morning wellness workout. Stay at home parents and their children are invited too. Child care and kid friendly activities will be provided.

It is important for children to learn at an early age the benefits that can be achieved from a healthy lifestyle. And as adults we should lead by example.

We will start with a Zumba warm-up then break out into groups to begin a circuit of exercise and nutrition stations. We will come together again to cool-down with some yoga. This event gives you a opportunity to try out different methods of exercise and learn how to keep your body healthy.

Getting on Track

While people always make new year resolutions to get in shape, they rarely follow through, mostly because they don’t have the support, time, or money and are uncertain about taking the first steps. Come experience Zumba, cross training, boot camp and yoga to find out what will get you moving. During breaks you can learn about nutrition and what keeps your body going strong. Lets help each other get on the right track.

Raising money for the AZ Academy Annual Fund

In addition to the health benefits of this wellness event, our main goal is to raise money for the AZ Academy annual fund. The annual fund supports many of the operational costs of running a successful non-profit school, some of which helps to retain outstanding teachers, enhance technology, supply science labs, expand art, music, sports, and after school activities.

Our Goal

Raise $15,000 by July 31st, 2013.

As an added incentive the school administrators have agreed to subject themselves to some embarrassment. The students voted and choose the following challenges: When $5,000 is reached the students will Duck Tape Ms. Terri to a wall, $8,000 they will make Ms. Paula eat bugs, $10,000 Mr. Mauree will dress like a lady, and $15,000 Ms. Wallace will be subjected to a new hair style.

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