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We take a special interest in supporting young peoples big dreams for brighter futures.

The mission of Aegis Foundation, Inc. supports the aspirations of youth by investing in education, community programs and youth services. Aegis firmly believes in enriching the quality of life for youth and families by supporting young peoples dreams and helping them build a brighter future.

We, Aegis Foundation, are committed to work as a voice for youth facing challenges and barriers. In the U.S. alone, half of all new HIV infections are believed to occur in people ages 11-23(A). Runaways and other homeless young people are at high risk for HIV infection if they are exchanging sex for drugs or money (B). Many of these youth will face issues such as sexual/physical/emotional abuse, illiteracy, inability to attend school, pregnancy, disease, crime, and drug abuse/addiction. These issues often lead to low self-confidence and low self-worth and even death. By financially supporting organizations that specialize in addressing these youth issues, Aegis Foundation believes we can reclaim the shaping of today’s seemingly forgotten youth by giving them back their livelihoods and getting them off the streets and back into supportive environments. We work in conjunction with these organizations to support and motivate young people and prepare them for healthy, responsible, and productive lives. We take a special interest in serving and partnering with our local communities. (A) National Office of Aids Policy. Youth and HIV/AIDS 2000: A New American Agenda (B) CDC. HIV/AIDS Among Youth Fact Sheet, June 2006.

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