Let's help support the NODCC and all the amazing things they do to support families and people with Callosal Disorders.

Our sweet little Addison was born with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. At 6 months old the bombshell was dropped after an MRI. It came as a complete shock to our entire family. As soon as I could I got on the computer and starting searching for information. This is when I came across the NODCC. They are an amazing organization who helped my family understand what the corpus callosum does and what it means when you don't have one.

Addison is developmentally delayed and has not met many milestones of typical 3 year olds. She is otherwise a healthy little girl. We hope and pray that one day we will get to hear her beautiful little voice, as she is not yet verbal! We are blessed to have Addison in our lives. She is definintely a special little girl. Please help us help the NODCC raise money to help others and raise awareness of this disorder. Remember even a dollar helps!

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