Autistic kids benefit from school yr round. Unfortunately many can't afford summer school costs at about $4000 per. @ the Miami Springs. . .

. . . FL school that I attend, we're trying to raise money to help us ALL go to the ISMILE summer camp. My school is modest and small but it works, and I love going there.

My name is Adam De Zayas. I am 6 years-old, and I happen to be autistic.

Autism has been in the news a lot lately. They're still trying to figure out what causes autism. That's good and I'm glad . . . but while they do, my family helps me a lot as I try to find my way.

My mom never lets me get away with ANYTHING. My sister Laura is the same. I heard my mommy tell her cousin that because of me, my big sister wants to go to school to learn how work with children with special needs.

Other than my autism, I kind off live the life of any kid my age, only more . . . if that makes sense. It might take me a little longer to do things, but with patience from those around me and especially from me, I get there.

Autism is also an expensive proposition for families. Just watch the news, and you'll see & hear stories about how families try to cope with the expense of having an autistiic child. That is why you're here. Hopefully, you can donate ANYTHING you can -- that way children with autism in my area -- the South Florida area, can afford summer camp at I-Smile.

We don't like asking. Really. We only do this once a year and it's always for this summer camp. Cause it helps. But we know times are hard, and if you can't, that's okay too. I'm glad we met and maybe next time . . .

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    ISMILE was set up to bring good quality, highly effective and cost effective therapy to children with Austim in the Miami area.
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