Ada's Hires and Trains Adults with Developmental Disabilities to Work in our Food Service Businesses. Our goal is to empower our employees.

Ada's was created to help our son Charlie and all of the wonderful people we have met in our schools and community who have developmental disabilities and are struggling to find jobs. The unemployment rate for disabled adults is 10X the national average.

We started two cafe vocational education programs in the Palo Alto schools for students in the special day classes. Through that wonderful experience we helped several young adults realize their full potential. The experience also showed us that bringing teens and the disabled population together for a shared work project helped both groups develop better job skills and fostered understanding and compassion.

Our mission at Ada's is to serve high-quality food prepared with care and attention by training our employees to be an integral part of the program.

We have seen such tremendous growth and skill development in the past year and a half. We believe that once our cafe opens we will be able to provide consistent work and training opportunities for all of our employees.

We know we are making a diffference in the lives of our disabled associates and also believe we are building community by bringing people together through our delicous food and unique social mission.

Thanks for your help.


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