Your donation promotes disability rights. People shouldn’t change to fit societal standards but society needs to accommodate its citizens.

This year, we celebrate 21 years of providing thorough coverage of important news not available as a comprehensive product anywhere else. We have strong community support, an energetic staff, contributors,and a Board of Directors with ambitious goals. Access Press is Minnesota’s monthly disability newspaper, established by Charlie Smith. Since 1990, Access Press has been Minnesota’s primary source of news, information and resources for people with disabilities (physical, sensory, emotional, and cognitive). Access Press is only the statewide publication in Minnesota where policy makers, service providers, and the general public can find information from the perspective of individuals with disabilities, within a wide range of current topics. Access Press provides the disability community with a voice and a way to share ideas and information. In addition, Access Press paper has connected individuals with disabilities (who are often isolated) with others who share similar concerns. This has led to an increased involvement in community affairs; fostering alliances among diverse groups struggling for the same freedoms. Access Press’s comprehensive coverage of important community issues, such as transit services, has contributed to important legislative changes directly benefitting individuals with disabilities. With each additional year, Access Press's reputation has grown, as we demonstrate our commitment to advancing the rights of disability community.

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