A new leg for Zakius



post surgery x-rays :)


Zak getting checked into the Missouri Vet School


Dr Jimi says he likes what he sees and feels. Thinks surgery is going to go extremely well


Dave saying his good-byes. See you in 3 weeks buddy!


Zak got a new cover on his splint today 8/21/12 :)


Hiya! I'm Zakius, Zak for short :)


I love my bed!


Peek -a-Boo


They took pictures of my leg...


It was scary :(


Ut Oh, this doesn't look good!


My new splint!


My brother missed me so much while I was in the hospital.

I’m a cute, fuzzy little hunk of love that found myself all alone on a busy road in a rural county in N.C. A good Samaritan took me to a local vet and then this wonderful rescue group called Pawfect Match swooped me up to keep me out of this place called a high kill shelter. Not sure what that is all about but my foster mommy tells me she sure is glad I didn’t go
there! On the very first day at my foster home mommy noticed I was walking funny. I didn’t notice but she sure was making a big deal out of it. She took me to the puppy doctor right away. They said I don’t have any growth plates on any of my bones in my back leg! That doesn’t sound good does it? They said as I grow it was going to get very painful and they would have to amputate. My doctor is a wonderful guy that loves working with us homeless puppies. I think he likes me best though! He called another really smart doctor all the way in Missouri to see if he could help save my leg and guess what??? He said YES!! He must like me a lot too. Downside is that he can’t do anything until I’m a big boy, like all grown up at 6 months. I’m 3 months old now. My doctor got me this funny splint thingy for my leg to help stop the pain (what is pain anyway?) and keep it isolated while I grow. I don’t like it much but man I sure can whip around the house now big time!
Here comes the hard part! This trip to Missouri is going to cost Pawfect Match a lot of money. My foster mommy says she’ll do whatever is necessary to get me there. I think she likes me a lot too! She says we are going to need to find someone to fly us out there. There will be hotel expenses, the hospital bills, etc. The wonderful doctor out there said he would perform the surgery at hospital cost so that is going to help bunches! There is a 75% success rate in this type of surgery. Sounds pretty promising huh? Won’t you help Pawfect Match Rescue and ME? The organization is a 501c3 non profit so all donations are tax deductible. Thanks for your help!
XO, Zak


We have a date!!!! Zakius is traveling to the Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine-Columbia on May 6th! His surgeon is Dr. James Cook and he's just wonderful. Zak will need to stay in Mo. for 3 weeks for recovery and rehab. We are so excited for our boy, it's been a long time coming. We almost have his surgery covered and we cannot thank his supporters enough. :) Now we are researching costs for his travel and are finding that the travel will cost a bit more than anticipated. Our plans are to rent a car and drive Zakius to Mo. and then fly back to NC. When it is time to pick him up we will fly up to Mo., rent a car, and drive him home. It's a 16 hour drive so we'll incur hotel charges as well. It's looking like flights are running $280 ea. and we'll need 2 coming back and 1 going back out. Rental car will run $175.00 each trip not including gas. Hotel will be ? Anyhoo. Anyone work for airlines or rental car companies or hotels that can get us a deal? Please, please, share Zakius's story and help us raise the rest of funds we need to complete his treatment!

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