Make a small contribution for a gallon of gas to help transport Martin and Elwood the Rescued Roosters to Oregon this week!

At animal shelters across California, discarded roosters are routinely euthanized. Sadly, there are very few rescue options for unwanted roosters. Today, two lucky roosters exited death row to find a new lease on life.

Although Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary's rescued rooster community is currently at its maximum capacity, we are still working hard to partner with groups to save boy chickens from unnecessary death sentences.

Elwood ad Martin the Roosers were saved from euthanasia at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter today. Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary is transporting Elwood and Martin to their forever home at Sanctuary One in Oregon this week.

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    Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary helps homeless and abused domestic and farmed animals in northern California.
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