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In 2007, four lung cancer patients, along with committed family members and their caregivers from Fairview Southdale Hospital, created the first Twin Cities Lung Run/Walk. The success of this event led to the formation of A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation in 2008.

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation knows firsthand the need for increased research efforts and improved public awareness about lung cancer. Three of our founders have since passed and most of our board of directors and growing family of supporters, now numbering in the thousands, have experienced the loss of a loved one to this deadly disease. We continue our endeavors to make every second count, to believe each step is a breath of hope, and to share our compassion and support with all who are impacted by lung cancer, regardless of smoking status.

We are cognizant of the inequities of lung cancer funding and know there is a direct correlation between cancer survivorship and the amount of money spent to fund research projects. Breast cancer has a 90% survival rate due in large part to the fact that $13,452 has been spent for every breast cancer death. Compare that with the 16% lung cancer survival rate and the $1,630* that has been spent for each lung cancer death. It is no wonder that lung cancer continues to claim more lives each year than breast, prostate, colon, liver and kidney cancers COMBINED.

We promise to be frugal in the use of funds entrusted to us. Through programming that raises awareness and supports patients, as well as a careful vetting process to identify the best available lung cancer researchers and projects in the U.S., we promise to direct funding toward projects that support our vision of saving lives and beating lung cancer 0 now!

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We are proud to be a fully approved member of the Charities Review Council.

We hope you will join us in offering hope and solutions to those impacted by lung cancer!

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