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What makes a church healthy? How can anyone actually know?

I joined Capitol Hill Baptist Church in January 2008. Little did I know beforehand how much I needed to be a member of a local church body! Through the teaching in the membership courses, I learned what the Bible says about church membership. It's the first time I had heard of the need for accountability in a Christian's life - and oh how my soul craved it! It made complete sense to me. And wouldn't you know it, church membership is one of the 9Marks of a Healthy Church !

Here are the 9Marks in total. Not an exhaustive list by any means, but important things to look for and help support in local churches.

1. Expositional Preaching

2. Biblical Theology

3. A Biblical Understanding of the Good News

4. A Biblical Understanding of Conversion

5. A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

6. Biblical Church Membership

7. Biblical Church Discipline

8. Biblical Discipleship and Growth

9. Biblical Church Leadership

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