Carlson will raise $5,000 to help the U of M raise $60,000 and put a deserving family into a new Habitat for Humanity Home!

Welcome to the Carlson School of Management 60K Day team!

On Thursday, April 12th, the University of Minnesota and its community members will participate in a one-dayfundraiser to raise $60,000. These funds will sponsor a University ofMinnesota Habitat home. By participating in this event, you are supporting a family in need – and making new friends, building relationships, and uniting our campus community!

Carlson raising $5,000 to go towards the larger University's $60,000 goal. By coming together as students, faculty, and alumni, Carlson will be able to make a positive impact on the U of M and its surrounding community.

By giving up something as small as your daily Starbucks or soda and putting that money back into the Minneapolis area we can make a statement that Carlson cares!

So whether you can give $10 or $100 dollars... it will bring us one step closer to bringing a deserving family into their new home!

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