Hello everyone,

I’m riding in this year’s Wediko Century Ride (century = 100 miles) on September 15, 2012 from Windsor, NH to Boston's South End. It is a lot of training but for a very worthy cause, and if all goes well, this will become my yearly challenge. Wediko is a nonprofit residential program in New Hampshire that helps children and families with a variety of emotional, behavioral, learning, and environmental challenges. You can learn more about the different programs they offer here: http://www.wediko.org/programs.

This year's ride raises money to support the greening of Wediko, saving significant energy costs. Money saved on energy directly supports Wediko programs & services. If you donate to this cause, I’ll be totally pumped, and so should you because you’re helping kids in need. Please open those purse strings and be so generous that you can’t afford you mortgage or rent payment this month! I’m mildly kidding about that last bit.

Since you were able to make it to this webpage, donating will be a breeze for you. The form is to your right (of where you’re reading). It’s fast and completely secure. Thank you kindly for your support and please spread the word to those that may be interested in donating or doing the ride.


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    For over 75 years Wediko Children's Services has helped children and families improve their lives and make transformational change.
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