We are fundraising money to help subsidize the cost of sending medical supplies to developing countries.

My name is Lianet Vazquez. I am a student at the University of South Florida. I have been involved with Advocates for World Health for a year now, and plan on continue helping the organization in as many ways as I can.

I recently had the tremendous opportunity of joining Advocates in a mission trip to Guatemala, where we took medical supplies and donated them to medical institutions in the country. We were also able to visit the rural villages of Jutiapa, where the majority of the population experiences a pronounced lack of access to medical supplies.

This trip made me realize that while many of us worry about what clothes to wear to a football game; there's many people in the world who worry about whether their children will survive past 5 years of age. This trip for me, was almost a wake up call to join a movement greater than myself, and put all my resources to use, in order to in some way impact the lives of the many people I saw.

I ask you to join and contribute in any way that you can; not for me; but for them. 10 dollars spent at a football game could help save someone's life.

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