I'm a writer. I think. Or at least, I'm trying to be. And I can try harder, just like the kids at Pattison's Academy try harder every day!

My husband and I learned about Pattison's Academy a few months back and we literally fell in love with the organization. They just do SO MUCH GOOD for all those kids, changing their lives one baby step at a time.

So I thought long and hard about something I'd like to change about me. I've been working hard at establishing some kind of writing career for myself in the past year or so, but am feeling a little bogged down right now. I find that when I have a challenge set before me, I am more productive and I take giant steps towards changing my own life and creating a career I love.

My challenge? Work to improve myself the exact same way all those teachers and kids work to improve each other's lives. From August 2-31, I will try to average at least 1000 words of writing each day. Will you support me in my attempt? That's a lot of writing!

How much do you think I can accomplish in the next 30 days of writing?

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